Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Campaigns which are carefully planned and customer focused to Improve your ROI

PPC advertising continues to grow worldwide and the spend on Google AdWords increases every year. Google strategically adjust the visible SERP results making AdWords a requirement for the best visibility. When combined with the increases in mobile usage you need the assistance of dedicated search experts to stay ahead of digital changes.

Because tp. understand every business is different, we create a strategy especially for you. PPC campaigns are geared toward generating site visits as cost effectively as possible. We can deliver across both Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Your campaigns can use the complete range of resources available including the Search Network; Search Partners and the Display Network.

Campaigns include exhaustive keyword research, dedicated copywriting, sophisticated bid management techniques and extensive performance measurement to ensure your marketing budget is spent effectively.

We can construct dedicated landing pages with proven lead generating performance. We can also deploy Remarketing strategies to re-capture those potential customers who have visited your website without making a commitment.

Put simply we do everything possible to provide you an amazing ROI on your digital advertising.

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Our PPC Management Process

Our comprehensive search engine marketing strategy ensures a perfectly crafted campaign for your business.


First we need to understand your current marketing solutions to see which elements we can improve. Looking at how these solutions align with your competition can identify keyword opportunities. Quality keyword selection is the bedrock of any paid search campaign. Your business targets and the needs of your customers will form the core of a PPC strategy.


Create campaigns with tightly knit ad groups, related keywords and focused ad copy. We always consider keyword intent since it is important to ensure the targeting is in line with your business goals. Ad copies are adjusted to reflect the keyword intent in order to reduce clicks from an irrelevant audience.


A regular review of campaign structure and performance is undertaken to identify waste and highlight new opportunities. The review will include impression share; mining search terms; segmentation by time, device and location, comparative performance of ad copy variants and most importantly conversions.


The review will identify areas of the account to analyse in detail. This analysis will combine sophisticated software with good old fashioned common sense to identify changes. We will often go beyond the basic AdWords setup to query the analytics data and compare performance with other traffic sources.


From the data analysis we decide how to optimise the account for your primary goals.  We make sure the books are balanced and changes are achieved within your budget limits. Most importantly the process of reviewing, analysing and implementing changes is ongoing throughout the life of the account.