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We are analytical and results-driven. As a digital marketing agency, our role is to help you develop and maintain your online presence. Use digital to generate the leads that drive your business growth. We will listen to you and understand your business goals. Provide you with the best advice on cost-effective success in the digital landscape.

Working with tp. you can expect:

  • ­Expert paid search, local marketing, and social pages management.
  • ­Engaging ad creative, social posting and accurate local messages.
  • ­Data driven decision making and a total commitment to your business growth.

For all the fancy words what matters are the results. We will agree on targets. Give you easy to understand reports. Highlight improvement opportunities. Work. at all times, to give you the best service.

Let’s work to take advantage of the latest digital technological innovations. Together we can deliver a great experience for your customers.

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Case Studies

Zulekha Healthcare

A long standing healthcare provider in Dubai, the client was wanting to increase interest in highly specialised medical treatments in Dubai. They were also in the process of opening a brand new hospital in India.


Andrews Office Furniture

A specialist office furniture company, delivering in London and Northampton, the client had an enviable reputation and client base visiting their showrooms, but they were struggling to develop the e-commerce side of the business.