Social Marketing

Communicate who you are and what you do to the right people

Social Media is a modern phenomenon; there is an ever evolving landscape of opportunity. Following the lead set by Paid Search, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. have all seen the potential for paid solutions on their networks.

Here at tp. we know how time consuming it can be to stay on top of everything. We can create your social calendar strategy, to deliver engagement with your brand and expand your business message.

Traditionally we focus on Facebook and Instagram as these are the most accessible to a typical consumer base. We will post regularly on your pages using creative image selection and copy-writing dedicated to your business.

When necessary we can construct dedicated landing pages with proven lead generating performance. We can also use a variety of re-marketing and targeting strategies to re-connect with your audience.

Paid Ads while available are not always the best solution. It is very much business dependent. We will ensure you get the best possible bang for your buck and will advise accordingly. When implemented the ad sets are created with the same attention to detail as regular posts combined with extensive research on your audience.

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Our Social Media Management Process

Our comprehensive social media marketing strategy ensures a perfectly crafted campaign for your business.


We will review your current profiles such as your Facebook Page to ensure your company is accurately presented. We will view the available metrics to form a benchmark for your audience growth and how it performs against your competitors. Check your posting rate and see how well your audience interacts with your social content. We will review the existing audience demographics to see how well it matches your requirements. We will discuss your expectations to clearly define your Social Media Marketing Goals.


We will develop a bespoke strategy for your business aimed at achieving your goals in manageable segments. Goals, typically and realistically are likely to include an increase in brand awareness together with increased positive reaction from your followers. Where the business creates sales opportunities through social channels the goals may include increased sales and or an improved ROI. We will discuss which metrics are most important to reliably assess the ongoing performance against the target goals.


We will create a content theme based on and supporting your brand identity. Images and content will be sourced and written to produce a presentation balanced between interest and directly promoting your business. Too much promotion and too little content of interest, tend to result in posts being ignored and in some cases being unfollowed. We will provide you with guidance on managing your customer care, there are many missed opportunities in not responding to followers who comment on your posts.


Review available data on reach and engagement to establish the optimal times to post new content. This includes an analysis of the target audiences, the timelines for comments following a post and establishing the user expectation for an appropriate response. We will also constantly review how each of the key metrics is performing against the defined goals to determine when and where changes are required.


Lastly, against the background of defined goals, current and recent performance metrics and the long-term strategies for each of the Social Networks being used we will propose changes and implement alternative approaches to deliver the right profile for your business. We will cross check directly sourced measurements against resources such as Google Analytics to ensure the engagement built through Social Media does not falter in the journey through your website.