Zulekha Healthcare


A long standing healthcare provider in Dubai, the client was invested in opening a new hospital in India and looking to develop some more specialised and rewarding treatments in the UAE.


Historically the client had no measurements of paid search performance to determine how best to spend available budgets. Performance potential was also limited by a legacy website that did not enable refined focus for paid search.


Dedicated landing pages were constructed with a singular purpose to drive users toward form completions. The nature of the specialist services being offered required a very specific arrangement for relevant information delivery while still ensuring a clear call to action throughout.

Conversion rates (form fills) were consistently improved as the search was refined, ultimately achieving double digit performance.

Highly creative keyword selection was required to capture the broad range of language in use across differing devices.

Several campaigns targeting more generic services revealed the clear benefits of directive search where a clear and unambiguous goal can be established.

Similar solutions were utilised to promote the new hospital in India combined with a large scale brand development campaign based around competitor search.

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